Foundation Problems and Where to Start

What Causes Foundation Problems?

Foundation problems can be caused by a variety of issues, such as snow melt, poor drainage, plumbing leaks, or poor construction. If you?ve experienced any of these problems, don?t wait until you start to see damage to take proactive measures.

What Are the Signs?

Bowed basement walls, nail pops, wall and floor gaps, uneven floors, drywall cracks, stuck doors, and a foundation that is sinking are all some of the many signs that your foundation may need to be repaired. Bowed basement walls are caused by too much pressure pushing against the walls of your basement. When water drains into the ground by your foundation, the soil expands as it absorbs water, pushing against your basement walls. As the soil dries, it pulls away from your basement walls, creating weak areas in your foundation.


One possible solution for fixing your foundation problems is installing wall anchors to permanently stabilize your foundation walls, repairing leaning or bowed walls and cracks. At Old Line, we understand that no basement is the same and we come up with a custom plan that best solves your particular issue.

Crawl Space Repair

What Causes Crawl Space Problems?

Water vapor, or humidity, is the biggest source of crawl space problems. As the water evaporates it rises, going through your crawl space insulation, floor joists, sub-flooring and the rest of your home, creating a path of destruction. If the source of the crawl space humidity is left unchecked, your home will start to have more problems like mold on your baseboards, squeaky floors and high electric bills. Moisture problems, house settlement, and poor construction can all create crawl space problems.

What Are the Signs?

Sagging floors, high indoor humidity, foundation cracks, mold, wood rot, and condensation are some of the many signs that your crawl space needs to be repaired. When you walk through your home, do you have squeaky floors? This may be a sign that your home?s interior support system is not able to safely support the weight of the home above.


We have a crawl space repair solution for every type of crawl space problem: from crawl space mold, moisture, and water to sagging floors and beams. Old Line is here for your crawlspace needs.