Roof Leaks

4 Most Common Causes of Roof Leaks

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The roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, so keeping it intact is vital. Roof leaks are one of the most distressing problems for homeowners to fix. Leaks can cause significant damage to the inner structure of your home and spike your utility bills. Understanding the causes of your roof’s leak

Roof Leaks, Water Damage, and You

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Your roof protects your house and everything in it from the elements. Unfortunately, roof leaks can do a surprising amount of damage. Possessions, especially those in the attic, can be ruined by water damage from a roof leak. Water can soak into drywall and wood, leading to a massive mold or mildew outbreak, which is

How Likely is Roof Moisture Damage

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There are many people who assume that their roof is in good condition as long as they don't see any issues. This isn't always the case! A huge hidden issue that causes a lot of damage to roofs is moisture damage. It's important to ensure you can have moisture damage addressed as quickly as possible

Commercial Roof Leaks Create BIG Problems

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When it comes to businesses, the last thing a business owner wants to have to think about with is a leaky roof. While leaks are not always obvious, and they may not even be in sight of the customers, they still cause damage and can lead to extensive repairs if not caught and fixed quickly

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