Your roof protects your home and is an essential part of your home’s structure. A properly-functioning roof can protect against hail, snow, ice, rain, and debris. A damaged or non-functioning roof can cause leaks, the development of mold, and even pest infestation. Keep reading to learn from the best roof contractor in Towson about some of the most common roofing problems every homeowner should watch out for.

Maryland’s Preferred Contractor Identifies Roofing Issues

Faulty Installation

An improperly-installed roof can be dangerous and lead to bigger problems. Additionally, a faulty installation will mean you have to complete a replacement of that same roof sooner than expected. Always hire a professional, licensed roof contractor for roof installation projects.

Roof Leaks

Your roof is supposed to be able to withstand all forms of weather, including rain, snow, and hail. If your roof leaks, then it can result in interior damage to your home and can cause an infestation of mold.

Pest Infestation

Small animals, pests, and rodents gathered around your roof can lead to significant problems. They can cause damage to your roof, and they can get access to the house, at which point you’ll have to hire an exterminator.

Pooling Water

Pooling water on your roof can be a result of gutter problems, HVAC units that don’t work, or debris buildup. You will want to address this issue right away as it adds weight to the roof and can cause roof collapse.

Ventilation Problems

Proper ventilation from your roof ensures temperature and moisture levels for your home are normal. A ventilation problem will cause increases in energy costs, which you’ll see reflected in a shocking way on your bills.

Poorly-Installed Flashing

Skylights, chimneys, and vent pipes are all sealed by flashing seals. Poorly-installed flashing can result in blown-off tiles and unhinged seams in your roof.

Overhanging Limbs

Overhanging limbs that touch your roof can cause wear and tear over time. The top layer of your shingles can be damaged and, eventually, the limbs may collapse on the roof. Hedge all overhanging limbs as much as possible, but do so carefully.


If you see splitting and surface erosion, then the roof membrane may be blistering and causing cracks in the upper layer.

Improper Maintenance

A roof needs constant checkups so that it lasts as long as possible and to identify problems before they become bigger issues. Homeowners should regularly check their roofs for these issues and signs of general roof damage. Contact your local residential roofing services for regular roof checkups.

Never attempt addressing these issues on your own. It can be dangerous to try roof work on your own, and you could complete work that will have further issues in the long run. For those looking for a roofing contractor in Towson, Old Line Roofing and Solar is an experienced and professional service provider. 

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