Having Baltimore solar installers place a solar system onto your home can save you a lot of money on your energy bill long-term. Luckily, solar panels last for a very long time and require minimal maintenance over their years of use. Still, there are a few things that you can do as a homeowner to help maintain your solar system.

Free Debris

The solar panels can have debris build-up on them over time. While some debris such as leaves is normal, excess debris may cause damage to your roof or to the solar panels on your roof. To avoid any such damage from occurring, try to keep your panels free of branches and large pieces of greenery. Keeping your solar unit clean will help ensure that your system is operating at the highest level of efficiency over time.

Get Regular Unit Inspections

While solar panels don’t really need thorough cleanings outside of freeing them of debris, you will want to have them inspected whenever you get your roof looked over. If there is any damage to your solar panels, you’ll want to notify your solar installers immediately so that you don’t end up with larger expenses and inconveniences down the line.

Stay Informed

Solar panels come with monitoring software that can help you keep an eye on their performance. You will be aware of when your system is operating at its fullest level of efficiency and when something might be wrong. It’s also important to take a close look at your system’s warranty so that you are informed about what is covered. Many things that can malfunction or break in your solar panels may be covered by your warranty, so informing yourself will give you the peace of mind that the system will operate well for years into the future.

Use Baltimore Solar Installers Such as Old Line Solar

If you are ready to switch your home over to a system that runs on solar power, or if you already have solar panels and you want advice on how to maintain them, the professionals at Old Line Solar are here to help. We are happy to answer any questions by phone or via video chat or in person.

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