Have you been delaying that roof repair project following a big storm? Just letting that roof sit there and deteriorate further because you don’t have the funds to allocate to a roof repair at this moment? Well, we have good news. Did you know that your homeowner’s insurance could possibly cover the cost of your roof storm damage?

Your Roofing Company in Baltimore Talks Insurance Coverage

A quick call to your insurance provider will let you know what conditions you need to meet to qualify for roof repair coverage after a storm rolls through. However, before you even speak to the insurance company, you should get in touch with a qualified roofer so that they can determine whether or not you might be able to successfully submit an insurance claim.

Insurance Claim Misconceptions

Many people believe that there has to be visible interior damage, such as leaks, for the insurance company to qualify the repair as significant, and that external damage to the roof from hail and wind is not going to be covered. This is partially true. Your provider will likely not cover slight damage to the exterior of your roof, especially if you have an older home with a roof that had already been in a questionable state. However, you have to carefully monitor the exterior damage before it worsens and causes significant interior damage. If an insurance provider believes you waited too long to submit a claim, and that resulted in the leaks and interior damage, then they can claim they are not liable.

Some individuals delay submitting a roof repair claim because they think the damage wasn’t that bad and their insurance premiums increasing is not worth it. There are two misconceptions here, the first of which is that you do not get to wait for damage to pile up and then claim all of it at once. Insurance companies assess the damage and attribute it to the last storm or incident that took place, and most insurance companies have a six-month limit between the event and the claim. So, it is essential to submit claims as soon as possible following your conversation with residential roofing services.

The second misconception is that your insurance premiums will always go up, but remember that ‘Acts of God’ claims do not increase your insurance premiums. ‘Acts of God’ claims are described as scenarios that are outside of your control such as damage occurring to your roof from a storm or hail, so don’t resign yourself to increased premiums right off the bat.

Submitting Your Insurance Claims

When it comes to submitting your insurance claim, you want to do everything possible to make sure that you get the maximum coverage from your provider. You should take detailed before photos of the damage, along with notes. Then, after the repair work is complete, take photos for documentation. Keeping thorough records will help the claim get processed quickly.

You also want to work with roofing repair experts that are licensed and insured, of course! An insurance company can deny your claim otherwise, and it’s always good practice to work with an established roofer that you trust.

Lastly, you want to work with a roofing company that has had experience completing jobs covered by insurance previously. For those considering a roofing company in Baltimore, Old Line Roofing and Solar specialize in working with insurance companies. We will provide you with a roof inspection and be there when you make the call to your insurer about the damage to ensure you don’t miss reporting anything. Once the project moves to a claims adjuster, we will continue to work with you to make sure that all the work is done by the book so that you can receive maximum coverage.