A roof inspection performed by a qualified roofing company will include a full interior roof inspection, and a full exterior roof inspection will determine what course of action is needed (if any) is needed, and will result in a written copy of the details of the inspection. A full interior roof inspection means checking the attic for the presence of moisture or mold, proper ventilation, and proper insulation. A full exterior roof inspection means going up on the roof to check for any visible damage to the roof. A residential roof inspection will look for leaks, ice dams, chimney damage, the condition of roof shingles, and more.

When and How Often to Get a Roof Inspection

A professional roofing inspector knows to look for the signs of a roof that needs repair or replacement. The presence of any water damage suggests your roof has a leak (a serious issue). They will also look for proper flashing which is having 3 feet or more of a leak barrier. Lastly, they will inspect the roof to see if there is any structural damage, such as a sagging roof deck.

You should inspect your roof twice a year, in the spring and fall. Even a roof that looks strong to the untrained eye can have issues or structural damage. The weight of snow and ice could have caused damage to your roof over the winter, which is why you get an inspection in the spring. You also get an inspection in the fall to ensure that no damage has occurred in the summer from wind, storms, heat, or animals.

The Benefits of a Roof Inspection

Getting frequent roof inspections by quality roofing services can save you money in the long run. Regular roof inspections will likely mean you catch issues when they are in the early stages and before they turn into larger issues. Leaks can be identified and fixed before mold or structural damage occurs. You can repair gutter problems before animals create nests in your gutters. Additionally, missing shingles will be repaired before your roof gets holes or collapses. All of these small issues, if not identified and addressed, will turn into larger problems.

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