Get a professional roof inspection before you purchase any building. Don’t just rely on the property inspection report. The general inspection report might not give you as much detail as a specialized residential roof inspection will. Read on to learn some critical issues that the roof inspection might shed light on.

Roof Movements

Roof movements occur when different roof materials expand and contract at different rates. A typical roof comprises different materials, such as asphalt shingles, wood, metal, and fiberglass. These materials expand and contract at different rates when the temperature falls or rises.

The differential movements can damage the roof. For example, the movements can create gaps that allow water to penetrate the roof. A roof inspection will reveal whether a roof has already suffered from or is susceptible to such movements.

Material Conditions

The roof inspector will also evaluate and report on the condition of the roofing materials. For example, you should know whether:

  • The shingles have cracks, have lost their granules, or have buckled
  • The support structure is corroded or rotten
  • The roof covering has suffered significant weather damage

The condition of a roof depends on the initial design, materials, weather, and maintenance. Use the analysis to understand the overall roof’s condition and its maintenance if you buy the house.

Conditions of Critical Parts

Damage to critical parts of the roof can affect the roof or house rather than damage to other parts. Below are some of these critical parts.

Drainage Systems

Drainage systems collect and channel roof water for safe drainage. Drainage systems include gutters and downspouts. Ineffective drainage exposes the roof to water damage.

Ridge Caps

Ridge caps cover the horizontal lines that form roof peaks (the meeting point for two roof planes). The ridge cap keeps precipitation out of the roof and improves a house’s curb appeal.


Flashing metal provides a watertight seal for roof joints. For example, the joint between the chimney and the roof’s surface requires flashing to keep moisture out.

The inspector will pay special attention to these critical parts. For example, missing ridge caps mean the roof has suffered or is likely to suffer water or debris intrusion.


Roof replacement is a significant investment that many homeowners wish to postpone as much as possible. Buy a house whose roof has many years remaining on its lifespan to postpone roof replacement. A roof’s remaining lifespan depends on:

  • The roofing material
  • The roof’s age
  • The repair and maintenance integrity
  • Local weather
  • The initial design and installation
  • The roof’s color

For example, a poorly maintained asphalt shingle roof might not last as long as a well-maintained tile roof. The roof inspector will evaluate the roof and advise you whether it can last many more years or you need to have a replacement budget ready.

Repair Integrity

Unless you buy new construction, you might find that the roof has undergone multiple repairs in the past. Maybe previous homeowners replaced some damaged shingles or replaced some flashing. Maybe the house suffered storm damage in the past, and the homeowner repaired it.

That should not worry you as long as the person who executed the repair did it professionally. A professional repair involves a professional residential roofing contractor who uses the right materials and ensures the roof is up to code. The roof inspection will reveal whether you should be concerned about the roof’s repair history.

Roof inspection has multiple logical benefits. For example, the valuation can help you negotiate a fair price, prepare for roofing repairs, or even decide whether to buy the house. Old Line Roofing & Solar has certified inspectors you can rely on to give you the true condition of any roof.

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