There are many people who assume that their roof is in good condition as long as they don’t see any issues. This isn’t always the case! A huge hidden issue that causes a lot of damage to roofs is moisture damage. It’s important to ensure you can have moisture damage addressed as quickly as possible by a roof contractor in Essex MD so minimal damage occurs to your roof in the long run.

How Does a Roof Get Moisture Damage?

Moisture damage occurs for many different reasons. When you have the heat on during the cold winter months, the warm air rises into the attic. When that hot air collides with the colder air outside, it turns from vapor to water and creates condensation. The condensation can collect and cause damage to the roof. Moisture damage can also occur when ice dams develop on the roof. They stop water from being able to drain from the roof as snow and ice melt, which causes it to leak into the roof.

What Does Moisture Damage Actually do to Your Roof?

During the cold winter months, one of the most common issues caused by moisture damage is roof leaks. The moisture can also cause the beams in the roof to rot away, and can even lead to the development of mold. When homeowners breathe in the mold spores, it leads to the development of respiratory issues.

Let a Pro Roof Contractor in Essex MD Address Your Concerns

If you want to be sure to avoid moisture damage to your roof, then you need to hire a roof contractor in Essex MD to inspect your roof for you. They can determine if you need to have better insulation installed in the roofing system to decrease the development of condensation. These professional contractors will make sure that the beams are in good condition and aren’t rotting in any way. Have them check your vent fans to ensure they turn the proper way to ensure warm air escapes properly from the home.

When you are ready to have your roof inspected,?contact Old Line Roofing and Solar. They can tell you what issues they find and what the required repairs are and how to prevent future damage.