Your roof protects your house and everything in it from the elements. Unfortunately, roof leaks can do a surprising amount of damage. Possessions, especially those in the attic, can be ruined by water damage from a roof leak. Water can soak into drywall and wood, leading to a massive mold or mildew outbreak, which is both unsightly and unhealthy. Prolonged roof leaks can even cause structural damage. You can take care of some roof leaks by yourself. For others, you will need the help of the best roofing companies Essex MD has to offer.

Finding a Roof Leak

If you notice the signs of a roof leak, such as water-damaged walls, mildew patches, or water dripping out of the ceiling, the first thing to do is find the source of the leak. On a clear, sunny day, go up onto your roof and check the section of roof immediately above the sign you found. Look for shingles that are cracked or otherwise damaged. Look for flashing that is pulled away from the roof. If the leak is near your chimney, look at the seal between the chimney and your roof. If you find obvious signs of damage like these, you may have found the source of your roof leak. If not, you are dealing with a mystery leak.

What Do I Do with a Mystery Leak?

If you can’t easily find the source of the leak on the roof, you have a mystery leak on your hands. The first thing to do is make sure the problem is not a leaking pipe. To find that out, shut off all of the appliances using water in your house and go check your water meter. If it shows that water is still being used in your house, you have a leak and it’s time to call a plumber. If it’s not a leaking pipe, it’s probably a roof leak.

Fixing a Roof Leak

If you find signs of simple damage above the leak, such as flashing that has pulled away from your roof, you may be able to fix it yourself with a little caulk. You may be able to replace a damaged shingle yourself. If it’s not so easy to fix, or if you have a mystery leak you just can’t find the source of, you need to call in a professional roofing company.

Getting Help from the Best Roofing Companies Essex MD Has

Old Line Roofing & Solar is one of the best roofing companies Maryland has. Call or contact us today, and we can easily find the source of the leak and get it fixed up before the damage to your house and valuables becomes too great.