Every season comes with its own, unique demands when it comes to home and maintenance. With summer long gone and autumn fully upon us, here are some fall home maintenance tips you can use to make sure your home is prepared for the change in seasons.

Tips for Better Fall Home Maintenance

Gutters and Downspouts

One of the biggest things that changes from summer to fall is the fact that you usually must deal with a lot more rain. To make sure your home is ready, you should have your gutters and downspouts inspected to make sure they’re clean and working properly.

Window and Door Seals

Now that the temperature is dropping, it’s a great time to make sure windows and doors are sealed properly. Even a small seal problem could cause a big jump in your energy bill this fall.

Roofing Inspection

The last thing you want is a leaky roof when it?s raining and snowing, so make sure you have a roofing inspection done before that becomes a problem. If there is a problem with your roofing, then hire a roofing contractor to fix it before that problem intensifies in the fall.

Sidewalk Maintenance

While the weather is still dry, you also can touch up the sidewalk and other walkways near your home. This is especially important during the fall and winter because these walkways become more slippery when they’re covered in snow and rain?and ice.

Add a Chimney Cap

If you don’t already have a chimney cap installed, then consider having one installed by a residential roofing specialist. Chimney caps help keep animals from getting in your home through the chimney, which can be a big problem during the colder months as they seek warm shelter.

Add Lighting

Daylight doesn’t last nearly as long during the fall and winter, so make sure your path is always well-lit ?by adding some extra lighting. This is especially important along commonly-used pathways.

If you want to make sure your home is ready for whatever the fall may throw at it, you need to put in a little effort when it comes to maintenance.

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