As summer has arrived and brought the warm weather with it, you should consider the maintenance tasks you can complete for your roof while it’s nice out. Your roof is a key part of your home’s structure, and constant care will ensure it lasts as long as possible. Keep reading for the top tasks you should tackle for warm weather roof maintenance as recommended by a highly-rated roof contractor in Essex.

In the Summertime, There’s Work to be Done

Check the Gutters

Most roof contractors advise you to check and clean your gutters a minimum of once a year. Your gutters are supposed to drain water from your roof to reduce the pooling of water on your roof. A broken or clogged gutter will mean your roof isn’t draining as intended. This can lead to issues such as mold growth, and significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof.

Water Damage

Warm weather melts snow beds that could have otherwise piled up on your roof. Water damage inside your home or around your roof can be an indicator that there is damage to the structure of your roof. It’s essential to use a professional residential roofing contractor for these inspections. A professional will be able to identify roof damage that you’ve missed and help you fix the issue before it magnifies.

Roof Integrity

Check your roof’s structure for signs of wear and tear or damage. A roof with missing or discolored shingles, bent shingles, signs of cracks, bent flashing, mold growth, grain loss, or debris buildup should be dealt with right away. If not addressed immediately, then, over time, these problems will build up and reduce your roof’s lifespan. Roof repair can be dangerous and cause further damage if the work is completed improperly.

Repair Flashing

Flashing is the metal strips used to seal gaps in the roof between shingles. Flashing prevents moisture from seeping under the shingles, but winter weather can loosen the flashing over time. This can result in a multitude of issues, including mold growth and roof leaks. The spring and summer are perfect times to repair flashing to fix the damage done the previous winter, and to prepare your roof for the next winter season.

If you believe there is severe damage to your roof because of the colder months’ weather, then you should have a professional take a look. Professional residential roofing services can identify problems, quickly resolve them, and give you tips to stop the problems from reoccurring. If you’re looking for a professional roof contractor in Essex, Old Line Roofing and Solar Services is a full-service roofing company.

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