There is a plethora of materials and styles to choose from to create your garage roof. Take into consideration what type of aesthetic you are looking for, what garage roofing material best suits your environment, and if you want your garage to be viewed as an extension of your home. Old Line Roofing and Solar, a residential roofing contractor Essex MD, can assist you with garage roofing, so get in touch if you have any questions at all or need some professional guidance.

Materials to Use for A High-Pitched Roof

A flat-pitched roof and a high-pitched roof cannot use the same materials. For instance, a high-pitched roof can use any of these materials:

Metal Roofing

Though metal is a bit more expensive, it’s extremely durable, reflects heat, doesn’t accumulate snow and is less prone to leaks. Snow tends to slide off of the material resulting in less of a chance of leaks.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt is the most popular type of roofing as it is affordable and durable. They last up to 30 years and are very well-balanced, in terms of their weight.

Concrete Tiles

They are fire-resistant, incredibly strong, can withstand intense weather conditions, and are the least likely to be wrenched out of place by strong winds.

Cedar Tiles

They offer a timeless look, can withstand any temperature, are insect resistant, and have a cooling effect.

Material Matters

When choosing the material for your garage roof, take the weather into consideration. Each material has individual benefits that may be more suitable for your weather conditions. A residential roofing specialist, Old Line Roofing and Solar, will help answer questions you may have.

As far as cost: since a garage roof is smaller than a house roof, it is relatively cheaper. The cost depends on what material you are using and if you are adding drip edges, vents, flashing, or gutters.

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