In order to keep your roof intact and to create a barrier to the outside, your roof needs to have all the right pieces. Here’s what you need to know about roofing insulation and how it can help you.

What Is Roofing Insulation?

You might think building a roof is as simple as laying down some wood and putting shingles over it, but there are quite a lot of little things to consider if you don’t want to have serious problems with your roof. There are various parts to roofing that play different roles within the roofing system, such as the underlayment. The underlayment goes between the shingles and the roofing deck to keep water away from the actual structure of your roof. Without this underlayment, your roof will eventually collapse because the supporting structures will get too wet and weaken over time.

Roofing insulation isn’t quite as crucial as underlayment, but it still provides lots of benefits. Like the insulation you put in other parts of your home, roofing insulation helps to separate the inside of your home from the outside so your home stays comfortable year-round.

Roofing Insulation Benefits

Obviously, the biggest benefit to roofing insulation is that it keeps the outside air out and helps to maintain the temperature in your home. However, the real benefits of roofing insulation are seen by commercial building owners. If you’ve got a commercial building, installing roofing insulation can save you money and make maintaining your building easier. For starters, you’ll save a lot on your energy bill by insulating the entire roof of a large commercial building. Plus, this roofing insulation helps with fire safety, which means you don’t have to worry as much about a fire potentially destroying your building. Finally, insulating your roof helps prevent mold growth, which means you aren’t as likely to have to pay for costly mold remediation services.

Consult the Best Roof Contractor in Edgewood, MD

Making sure your commercial building is protected from hazards is a big deal, and roofing insulation can help with that. Not only that, roofing insulation saves you money on your energy bill by helping to maintain the indoor temperature. If you’re looking for a quality roof contractor in Edgewood to install roofing insulation in your commercial building, then give the experts at Old Line Roofing and Solar a call today.