The 2008 Atlantic hurricane season ended with fifteen named storms, eight hurricanes, and two major hurricanes that caused billions in damages. Storms like these usually occur between June and November in the United States, so it’s advised that homeowners check their roofs before getting caught in bad weather. Ideally, roof inspections should be carried out twice annually, and also after major storms. If you need a qualified roof contractor in Parkville to carry out these inspections, then read on and get in touch.

Don’t Fall Victim to These Roofing Scams

To avoid getting scammed, you should carefully scrutinize the credentials and references of any commercial roofing company or contractor you hire. Ask questions when looking for the right contractor before signing the contract. Check if the roofing company is insured and licensed. Also, ensure the license is valid. Before authorizing any work, ask the contractor or roofing company for a copy of their latest Certificate of Insurance. You should also review the Certificate of Insurance to ensure that you receive satisfactory coverage in the event of a claim. To make sure the insurance is valid, give the insurance company a call to verify if the contractor is covered.

OHSHA Compliance

The main priority of any commercial roofing company is ‘Safety First’. OHSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970) was created to ensure that employees work in safe and healthy conditions. A good roofing company will provide regular OHSHA training for its employees. You should also check the company’s Experienced Modification Rate score to see how many worker compensation claims have been paid. A higher score means that the company has paid for more claims resulting from injuries while working. A company with a lower EMR score has a better competitive advantage since they have paid out fewer claims.

Roofing Quotes

A roofing contractor with a low EMR score usually offers a more competitive quote. The higher the score, the higher the contractor’s insurance premiums and therefore the higher the quote. A quote should include a detailed estimate of the repair, and the time it will take to complete the repair.

Regular Updates on Progress

If a contractor doesn’t communicate with you or keep you updated on the progress of the work being carried out on your roof, then you shouldn’t expect the best. A reliable contractor will inform you of any unforeseen and unexpected issues immediately and also keep in touch often.

Resources From the Best Roof Contractor in Parkville

Always check if the contractor has the right resources, including skilled employees, to complete the job. Even a reliable contractor can be ill-equipped to complete roofing repairs.

To avoid an emergency roof repair, remember to carry out regular roof inspections. A roof has a lifespan of between twenty and thirty years. Regular inspections can help you spot openings and leaks before it turns into a major hazard.

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