A roof is just a roof for some homeowners until it needs a major repair or replacement. However, homeowners can be kept in the loop during the roofing process to avoid conflicts in the future about the quality of work done. An experienced roofing contractor Essex MD, should guide clients through the roofing process, explaining roofing terminologies in simple layman language, insurance processes, and costs.

What is the Roof Installation Process Like?

It’s also important for roofers to keep their documents and paperwork accurate and accessible for clients throughout the installation process to ensure transparency, thereby optimizing the communication process. Herein, we have discussed the roofing process from start to finish.

Protecting the Home and Landscape
The main purpose of this procedure is to protect valuables and structures such as windows, sidings, and landscaping from damage during construction. Additionally, it is important to move your car and lawn furniture away from the construction site to prevent debris falling on them.

Find Required Roofing Materials
The roofer should guide homeowners in selecting the color, shape, design, and material type that’s suitable for their homes. Some of the materials homeowners can pick from include EPDM, tile, shingle, and metal.

Old Roof Removal and Decking Inspection
This step is for the existing but damaged roofs. It entails the removal of old shingles and inspection of the wood decking beneath it for solidity. Roofing technicians check for soft, rotten, or wet wood and discard it. Contrary to that, this step is not required for new constructions since the decking material is still new.

New Roof Preparation and Installation
Once the deck inspection is complete, roofers install drip edges to prevent rain from getting into the roof. In addition to that, they erect the underlayment and roofing felt that ensure water and ice do not get to the wood decking and that shingles won’t stick to the wood. Afterward, the roofers start building the new roof. They ensure it blends with the architectural design of the home. The professionals should work from the bottom upwards to prevent wasting the roofing material.

After installation is complete, the last process, a thorough clean-up, comes in. It involves getting rid of waste materials and disposing of all debris resulting from the roofing process. The roofing technicians gather the old roofing material, fallen nails, and misplaced and broken shingles, and load them onto their disposal trucks.

Additionally, the roofers also inspect the installation, making sure everything’s in place. They also explain the roof’s features and take you through the maintenance steps to take in the future.

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