With the rise in electricity rates, and/or in the name of utilizing sustainable power solutions, many property owners have shifted to solar energy. Since the pandemic started, there has been 13 percent increase in the number of people going solar, with the number of quotes for panel installation reaching almost 50 percent. A roofing contractor in Essex can help you get solar power in your home to avoid the inconveniences associated with electric power.

Why Solar Power Is More Desirable Now Than Ever

Other than being an environmentally-friendly energy source, solar energy is is preferred by some building owners because of the reasons below.

  1. It Has Better Value and Technology
    Over the past years, solar module prices have recorded a reduction of about 90 percent from over two dollars in 2010 to 0.20 dollars in 2019. This substantial decrease has attracted more individuals to go for rooftop solar solutions, expanding the global demand for the product. Many people prefer solar energy because it’s cheaper and more efficient than energy from coal, wind, and natural gas.
  2. Increased Popularity of Building-Integrated Photovoltaics(BIPV)
    The reducing cost of solar over the recent years has made BIPV a popular product amongst regular consumers. In the first years of its invention, the product was expensive, and many people turned away from investing in it.Really, it is an advanced saving solution for commercial and residential property owners since, instead of installing solar panels on top of an already existing roof, solar shingles are installed. The BIPV systems multitask by providing a roof and a source of solar power at the same time.
  3. Fewer Risks and Improved Convenience
    In many places, the new normal is working from home. This only means expenditure inclusive of power bills has increased drastically. It’s the right time for homeowners to consider looking for a roofing contractor in Essex to install a solar power system in their homes.

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