Choosing the color for your roofing shingles is an important choice that will impact the entire appearance of your home. Fortunately, this big decision can be advised by a quality roof contractor in Bel Air MD who can help you make a perfect selection. The roof is one of the first things that anyone will notice, and it’s a good idea to take the extra time in choosing a shingle color that compliments your home. Asphalt shingles,for exmaple, are available in a wide range of colors and can be a great way to create a unique style.

Shingle Color Boosts Curb Appeal

Here are just a few ways that a residential roofing specialist in Bel Air MD can help you choose the color of your roofing shingles to enhance the appearance of your home:

Boost Curbside Appeal
A roof with beautifully-colored shingles is an excellent way to boost the appeal and value of your home. Choosing a color that compliments the brick or siding of your house is a great way to create a classic look that will never go out of style. Improving the curbside appeal of your home increases the value of your property while also creating a fresh appearance that will boost your mood any time you come home. The color of your roofing shingles can also make it easier for you to sell your home in the future if ever you decide to leave it.

Create a Unique Style
The use of color in shingles is an excellent way to create a unique style for your home. Blue and green are perfect if you live near water and want to accentuate the feeling of the area, while brown and beige are classic, rustic, and striking. Black and grey color tones are popular with those who like a modern feel, as are other tones like red, which stand out from others nearby. Of course, it is important to contact your HOA or local community to make sure that they do not have any restrictions on shingle colors for your neighborhood!

Professional residential roofing services in Bel Air MD can help you choose the best shingle colors for your home. Old Line Roofing and Solar have over thirty years of experience in the roofing industry, as we specialize in providing the best roofing services at an affordable price.

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