Many homeowners install solar panels to improve the value of their homes and save money. The good news is that solar panels are incredibly safe. While the risk of anything happening to your solar panels is incredibly low, there are different safety mechanisms that help prevent various mishaps from occurring, especially when these panels are installed by a Baltimore solar installer. Here’s what homeowners need to know about the safety of solar panels for your home.

Safety Issues Concerning Solar Panels

These two safety concerns involving solar panels are electrical surges and solar panel fires. Here’s what homeowners need to know:

Electrical Surges

When an electrical surge occurs, increased voltage travels through electrical wiring. The damage that occurs to devices and other electronic items depends on the duration of the surge and the voltage. These surges can be the result of a variety of external factors, such as nearby lightning strikes, power usage drops, and internal home sources, such as turning on large appliances.

Solar Panel Fires

While incredibly rare, some homeowners may be concerned with fires in their solar panels. When installed correctly by a professional Baltimore solar installer, the risk is very low.

Solar Panel Safety Mechanisms

A Baltimore solar installer can use solar panel grounding and rapid shut down features to make solar panels safer to use.

Solar Panel Grounding

Solar panel grounding helps protect solar panels and establishments, such as houses, from fires and electrical surges by connecting solar electrical systems to the ground. By grounding these electrical systems, dangerous electrical currents are diverted from an establishment and appliances to the ground.

Rapid Shutdown

The rapid shutdown mechanism automatically shuts down solar panels in the event of a mishap, such as a power surge, to prevent health hazards and damage to homes. In the event of a house fire, this automatic feature helps prevent injury to first responders and helps them contain the fire to prevent further damage to the home and solar panels.

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