It is a common misconception that adding solar panels to your home will make your roof and attic hotter. It is true that most roofs are covered with asphalt, shingles, slate, or other dark material that can get very hot under the sun. Solar panels actually work to decrease the amount of heat on your roof and in your attic through absorption, reflection, emittance, and convection. A professional solar installer Baltimore MD such as Old Line Solar can help answer this and any other questions you may have before making the decision to go solar.

How Solar Panels Keep Your Roof Cooler

Absorption: First, solar panels convert energy by absorbing sunlight that would otherwise be absorbed by the roof itself. Solar panels absorb about 15% of the sun’s energy that hits your house at any given time. That means, only 85% of the sunlight ends up hitting your roof.

Reflection: Solar panels are comprised of reflective surfaces. Being constructed of glass panels and a metal frame, solar panels will reflect a certain amount of sunlight from your roof. Therefore, that energy and heat will never reach the materials covering your home.

Emittance: Solar panels do not just capture the heat coming from the sun, they also emit some of that heat back into the sky, keeping it from being absorbed by your roof.

Convection: A solar installer can install the panels in such a way so that there is an air gap between the panel and the roof itself. This leads to convection or flow of air between the panels and your roof. This airflow works to keep the roof cooler under the panel, thereby keeping the entire roof cooler overall.

Debunking the Myth

The misconception that solar panels will actually make your roof hotter was debunked in a study at the University of California San Diego. Using a thermal imaging camera, engineering researchers found that the roof under the panels was an average of five degrees cooler compared to sections that were not covered. Therefore, solar panels not only help power your home, but they also help keep it cooler which will ultimately lower your energy costs.

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