Most people know that solar panels convert sunshine into electricity, but not everyone knows that solar energy is cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and can even increase residential home values. Understanding how solar energy works can make the decision to switch easy! If you’re searching for solar companies Baltimore MD, Old Line Roofing and Solar can help.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

1. Sunlight Strikes Solar Panels

The photovoltaic effect uses solar panels to absorb sunlight and produce electrons creating an electric current. The solar panels are composed of two layers of silicon and are placed together on rooftops. Wires run through the silicon to capture and distribute the electrical currents. Metal frames and glass casings protect the cells.

2. Electrical Current Created from Solar Cell

The two layers of silicon in the solar panels are oppositely charged: positive and negative. This creates an electric field when the electrons move producing the electrical current.

3. Solar Inverter Converts Solar Energy to Electricity

The solar inverter converts direct current electricity to alternating current electricity. Some solar inverters are small and attached to each panel while larger solar inverters work with the entire system at once. The direct current is sent to the solar inverter and converts it into the necessary alternating current to power appliances, lights, and more.

4. Electricity Powers Your Home

While many people are used to relying on the electric company to power their homes, solar energy reduces that need and demotes them to a backup energy source. Once the energy currents run through the solar inverter, your home can be powered as usual.

5. Electricity Usage Measured by Utility Meter

The solar panels are connected to your power company’s utility meter. The solar energy production is measured as it tracks your home’s electricity consumption. Often, the solar energy system produces more electricity than the home actually uses. You can choose to sell your extra electricity back to the grid that can then be used as an energy credit if your solar panels produce less than needed.


Looking for Solar Companies Baltimore MD? Old Line Solar Meets Your Solar Energy Needs

At Old Line Solar, we use the top of the line solar products and thorough installation services. If you are interested in using solar energy to power your home, contact us today for your free solar consultation and roof inspection to determine if a solar panel system is right for you.