With the economy still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, and the housing market exploding, many people are looking for ways to increase the value of their homes while also saving money on their energy bills. One way to save on energy costs and increase the value of your property is by exploring solar energy. Discover the many advantages of choosing Old Line Solar as your Baltimore solar company of choice.

The Many Advantages of Solar Energy from Old Line Solar: The Top Baltimore Solar Company

It is Emissions-Free & Clean Energy

Solar energy is emissions-free which will cut down on your carbon footprint and help the environment. Fossil fuels must go through a number of refining processes which add to the overall cost and carbon footprint of traditional energy. While fossil fuels are dependent upon the actual usable amount in reserves, solar energy relies solely on sunlight in order to produce energy.

It Increases the Value of Your Home

Studies have found that adding a solar system can increase the value of your home by an average of 4%. The cost of the average solar system is generally recouped on the resale of the home and should be considered an investment.

You Can Cut Ties with Your Energy Company

Solar energy will allow you to cut ties with your current utility company. With a solar system, you will no longer have to worry about peak energy pricing or inconsistent and unpredictable energy bills. Solar energy systems also provide reliable backup systems if a community-wide blackout should occur.

You Will Save Money Through Solar Tax Incentives

When you choose a solar system, not only will you save money on your overall energy bill, your home will be eligible for both Maryland state and federal tax incentives. Federal solar tax incentives alone can save you up to 26% on the cost of your new solar system. To find out more about these incentives and tax breaks that are available to you, contact Old Line Solar. We will walk you through all of the tax incentives and make sure you’re filing the appropriate tax forms in order to save money with your new solar system.

The Best Baltimore Solar Company | Old Line Solar

At Old Line Solar, we use the top of the line solar products and thorough installation services. If you are interested in using solar energy to power your home, contact us today for your free solar consultation and roof inspection to determine if a solar panel system is right for you.