With more people exploring ways to break away from fossil fuel dependency and decrease their carbon footprint, solar energy is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to the cost benefits for the consumer, solar energy uses one of the earth’s most renewable resources to create power – the sun! If you’re looking for solar installers in Baltimore MD and want to know more about how switching to solar will positively affect the environment, read on.

Solar and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Solar energy can cut greenhouse gas emissions from a home by 80% annually. For comparison, over a twenty-year period, a house with coal energy uses approximately 150,000 pounds of coal burned to provide the same level of energy that a solar system can provide without the use of finite resources. Solar energy greatly reduces these emissions making the air cleaner and helping stave off pollution.

Solar and Cleaner Water and Land

Solar requires much less water to manufacture panels than the water consumed by traditional energy sources. Traditional energy sources such as coal, nuclear, or natural gas require enormous amounts of water to cool equipment and keep them from malfunctioning. Therefore, solar produces almost no risks to local water sources used for drinking, agriculture, and emergency use.

Solar is Energy is Renewable

Unlike other finite resources such as coal or oil, solar is completely renewable. Sourcing materials for solar produces little damage to the earth’s natural resources. It is available in unlimited amounts and sourcing it is much easier than traditional energy methods. Because of this, it is also much safer to source solar energy than fossil fuels.

Solar energy is rapidly making its mark as the choice for sustainable green energy. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, helps keep water and land cleaner, and is 100% renewable. If you are ready to add solar to your home, contact the best solar installers in Baltimore MD, Old Line Solar.


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