Hurricanes can be a big threat to your home, especially if it’s old or has damaged and weak structures, including the roof. Sometimes your home could be ready for the hurricane, but gets damaged anyway because of storms’ unpredictability. You can talk to a roofing contractor in Essex to help you prepare a suitable plan to guard your roof when the hurricane season kicks in.

How to Know if Your Roof is Ready for the Stormy Summer

During the summer, when storm season is raging, you can look for a skilled roofing contractor in Essex to conduct roof inspections. Afterward, the expert should fix any arising defects, including missing and dented shingles, to restore the structural integrity of the roofing system. If the roof is damaged beyond repair, consider investing in a replacement using specially designed roofing materials such as high-wind-resistant shingles.

The professional can also offer roof strengthening services using multiple methods and products, including strapping, collar ties, and braces. After comprehensive inspections, repairs, or replacement, you are confident your roof is ready for any oncoming storm.

Dangers of Lack of Roof Inspections or Maintenance Solutions

The roof protects you and the contents inside your home from dangers such as pest infestation, strong winds, and rainfall. When a hurricane is on the way, and you haven’t looked for a professional to offer maintenance and repair services to your damaged roof, you may experience inconveniences, some of which could become worse and expensive to handle. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Weakened Structure
    If you ignore roof inspection and maintenance services, your roof could become weak and affect the structural strength of your building. Leakages could have made the roofing timber underneath rot, and when the hurricane starts, you could be possibly looking at whole roof replacement. To make matters worse, parts of the blown roof could fall inside your home and damage your property, or worse: fall on you and cause injuries.
  • Expensive Replacement and Repair Costs
    Without maintenance, it means the small roof defects continue growing into complex problems. The presence of hurricanes speeds up the process of destruction. The storm could end up destroying your whole roofing system, leaving your home open to the strong winds and heavy rainfall. Apart from investing in a new roof, you may have to spend on house renovations due to flood damage and mold infestation.

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